About Us

We are a duo. We are artsy fartsy. We don't usually speak in third person.
Chi Leng @ Joyce C.
She believes that cheese is a fruit. She enjoys doodling, sculpting and occasionally illustrating. She believes that her creativity and passion for art are inherited from her mom and grandma. The Doodle Box Lah is a place for her to collaborate and share creative ideas with her bro; from the nonsensical (or are they?) to world issues. She wants to share these views right-side up, sideways, upside-down and maybe from the moon in all doodle-seriousness. She likes cheese cake.

Rasyid B.
He still believes in mythical beast and beings. He enjoys doodling, sewing, and colored markers. His creative self comes from his roots. His dad loves music and his mum loves to paint sceneries when they were studying in UK. He also believed that he and his sister got the "sewing skills" from his grandma. The Doodle Box ~Lah is a place where he and his sistah can express their views and perspectives about the whole world in doodle form, of course. He loves any kind of fried rice.

Never limit your playtime. Even if your brain is telling you otherwise.
All of your best stuff comes from it if you allow yourself to remain open to the unknown.

-- Keri Smith